Thursday, June 4, 2015

Don’t silence the courageous voice : Ban the book "When Heaven Falls Down"

We live in a democratic country. The Constitution of India under Article 19(1) (a) gives the fundamental right to Freedom of Speech and Expression that you can openly share what you feel. Recently I got to know the 10thnovel of a Bihar based novelist Satyapal Chandra, “When Heaven Falls Down” was being criticized and even life threatening messages and calls were made to him by a particular group of people. Some titled him “ Mr. Pathetic”, some said “another Salman Rushdie in making”.But the question that arises is, is religious sentiment so fragile to get offended by any piece of art. My submission is no.

 Is it wrong to protest what is happening in the society through literature?? Not in a single part of the book its mentioned that whole community (be it Hindu or Muslim) is responsible for any misdeed by a particular person. The novel just highlighted a real incident which occurred to showcase the dark side of the society. We love to watch PK or OMG which is highlights the misconceptions that we hold with our religion.Neither any movie nor any novel ever want to be anti-religious rather they aim to expose the wrong doings. In 21st century we need to broaden our mind and outlook and decide what is right and what is wrong. Any step taken by any group against the novel will in turn it boon in disguise. Apart from being Anti-Islamic (as stated by some mass) there are other issues highlighted.Why no voice is raised against them?? Its perhaps we have some fault in ourselves which is keeping us mum. First we need to change our mindset and think rationally.

This is probably the best romance novel ever written in this country. It’s the novel which has shown the dark world of Indian Health care system showing loopholes which we are well aware but don’t protest. People are protesting against him and making threatening calls to withdraw his work. It’s high time if we want change and do something good rather than protesting or burning effigy. We should oppose to those people who are the real cause of any misdeed. Be it any religion doesn’t matter the wrong is wrong and no can make it right. Today’s youth being technologically advanced, educated and intelligent can make wise decision after reading the novel. I have seen personally many jump to conclusion because X said like that’s why wrote like this. Let one go through the whole novel in one go and then decide whether it was biased to any particular religion. I would be happy to see the comments from intelligent masses critically analyzing the novel, after reading till the last page. And I am waiting to watch what more titles are being given to this “Mr. Pathetic” but I salute his courage to write something which is so close to reality.


  1. What the hell is going on in our country. if someone has enough guts and courage to present harsh reality of society. Why don't people accept them....

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